Sweet title, huh? Everyone loves an emotion packed blog post right? (siiike) so, if you're not into feelings and rants, then I would say this is not the blog post for you. First of all, I'd like to send a personal shout out to T-swift and Demi  for catering to my life soundtrack lately. I swear the girl steals my journal and writes all those sweet hits. First of all, I revoke the whole "hate the player not the game" bull shiz.  as embellished upon in this blog post. To embellish on that, and excuse me if I sound like a big fat brat, BUT the whole babe pool in dating can jump off a cliff. If I'm interested in a boy, he dips quick, or I'm not interested in a boy and they refuse to believe it. (see, that was pretty much brat status right there) Here's some food for thought- has anyone heard of this bro code business?? I have a friend who is also friends with a boy who recently decided to spoon feed me some sweet nothings and then disappear real quick. Anyways (and let's face it, it's probably some easy excuse) but apparently our friendship (strictly friends, no other interest do not worry) has to be under wraps because said boy would get angry if I am friends with his friend. UM HI you spit me out and stomped on my face (not literally, just figuratively, don't worry), so I'm going to befriend whoever I want. But yeah, that's just a sweet taste into the whole 'dating' thing as of late. Sorry for going all high school diz-rama on you but I'm bitter and angry blog posts are what I do. The spoon fed sweet talk is old news and I don't really give a rats about said boy anymore but this bro code crap was brought up real recently and it bugged me. k? sorry I'm a human being and also sorry I'm a girl and also sorry I have feelings.

So yeah, I'd have to say that little rant is a whole lot better than whatever reality tv show you are watching right now cause it isn't even scripted.

rant over. 


  1. oh I always was so BAD at dating and this stuff. I guess I understand.

  2. Dude. Ladies unite. I loved this post haha!


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