Some quick snippets of recent happenings:

-summer school starts on WEDNESDAY. Math class. I'm starting from square 1 with math and climbing my way into actually trying to understand that foreign language. Thank goodness for a major that doesn't require a whole lotta math.

-social media fast. My home teacher challenged Kelsey and I to do a social media fast (aka no facebook, instagram, or twitter for a week. Blogging is ay-okay... I asked.) and whenever we have the urge to get on a social site, to go serve someone instead. We accepted the challenge and I'm excited for the first week since like pre k that I haven't participated in social media

-diamond backs game! My friend, Max, invited Kels and I to go to the dbacks game with him and some other boyz last Saturday. Our seats were real close & right behind home plate. On our summer bucket list, Kels & I want to get on the jumbo tron at the game! We actually did get on the jumbo tron 3 times! 1- was because we sent in a fan photo, so they showed it, 2- we were literally on for 1 second holding up the poster we made & the 3rd time was another 1 second of fame thang. We aren't counting it causeee we want to be on the jumbo tron & be on long enough to get our sign read by the jumbo tron viewers! is that toooo much to ask??

-Summer of no heat is goin good, I've used heat a couple times but then that hair style is set and goes good for a couple days before I wash my hair again. Buns are gettin' old real fast but I've noticed my hair has grown like an inch (about) in a month! I've deep conditioned a couple of times and I've started trying to use coconut oil straight out of the shower as a prep for putting in moroccan oil when my hair is more dry. So that's promising. 

annndddd here are the diamond backs photos:

^^^ this was the picture that was on the jumbo tron sooo.... doesn't count!

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  1. I want to do that social media fast!! I'll have to find a friend to do it with me.


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