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San Pedro & a SONH tutorial!

I got this little gem from a store called cotton on (here) It's real comfy and basically everything good about a tee. I decided that SONH= summer of no heat! So that is that. And if you're out of the loop, summer of using no heat on my hair, or very little heat because let's face it, going cold turkey just ain't happnin'. Anyways, a tutorial on this super easy no heat bun is at the end bottom of this post!

shirt: cotton on. necklace: china(here) jeans: f21 gray tank: target

hahah ^^ this one I just look like a punk.

punk take 2 ^^

anddd here is the tutorial! I posted this last fall but I think it'd be silly to make a brand new video! This was when my bangs were shorter so I just had em pinned back, now that my bangs are long, I like to pull them out for a more loose and carefree look.


  1. So cute! I'm also doing as you would say, a SONH :) So I'm definitely going to try this out! By the way, I love your hair color! Do you do it yourself, or get it done professionally? If so, what do you have your hair dresser do? I absolutely love the color! :)

  2. very cute!


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