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the Great Gatsby and Sunday happenings.

Not even kidding when I say I am obsessed with that movie. Not even an ounce of joking in that statement. It is for reals real good and stays like wayyy true to the book! So me n Kels and some friends saw it on Thursday and guess what? Kels and I are seeing it AGAIN today. We love it. We love the music. We love it all. The soundtrack is also bomb. So yeah, get that like now. Here's like one of my fave songs from it. also SORRY for some naughty words, there's like 3 but yeah, sorry in advance.

Anyways, yeah, there is my little movie review. I'm going to be the next roger ebert someday so I'm just gettin a head start on the ole' blog.

So yesterday was just great. I went to a friends homecoming talk and he rockkkked it, then after church me n kels and mykee (roomies) dropped by the temple visitors center and I forced them to take a photo with me :)

then I dropped those two hooligans off and sat by the lake by my house and got in a sah-weet journal entry and called my favorite twin, Craig! If you ever need some real swanky advice, you should probs give Craigee a nice little call. real talk, people. 


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