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the summer of no heat.

Okay. after obsessing over this blog. her hair, her style, and yeah, her hair (repeated on purpose) I decided I am going to do a summer of no heat on my hair. No blow drying ever (not that I really do that anyways) and BASICALLY no heat. I feel like dates and Sunday church and those occasions where I need to look extra impressive, I should go all out and wave my hair or somethin. And basically the side pieces that I pull out when I wear my hair up need a teensy bit of heat because they dry in a really weird & unacceptable way. I've read this post most likely 100 times already. I bought deep conditioner, coconut oil (to deep condition), a special wire brush, shower caps, Moroccan oil (I've been using that for years and I love it), an anti heat spray for the occasion where heat must grace my hair, I've been taking biotin & fish oil, and I'm def skipping trims now more. Anddd plus it will give me time to experiment with hair styles and really go crazy. and I'll probably post tutorials even if I'm the only one that watches them. 

this was my hair length at almost the end of November:

aka just brushing my collar bone

right now my hair is at an awkward stage of wanting to be longer but taking it's sweet time to grow so don't judge. 

that's a decent amount of growth from taking biotin & fishoil and using less heat than usual for like 6 months. This summer my hair hopefully grows like weeds.

If anyone has any other really good tips that they've tried or their friends uncle's sister in law's cousin tried, lay em on me. I am determined to have rapunzel hair by 2014 or 15'. the sooner the better. ps. I refuse to stop putting bleach on my hair. pps. you probably think I'm stupid for saying that because bleach is a real damaging product. ppps. bleach is my drug and I can't say no.

gimme yo tips.



  1. Oh I hate that awkward length. My mom used to always convince me to cut my hair and then it would get to that awkward length and I would regret it every time! My sister us a hair stylist andshe says to get trims every six weeks to get your hair growing long. If the end are dead then your hair well never Gerry longer because it will keep breaking off. Good luck on getting long hair! :)

  2. I really want to do a summer of no heat too! I have curly hair though, so it looks kind of crazy if I don't at least curl three or four pieces.

    Also I have a bad, bad, baaad case of the roots (haven't dyed my roots since last July!), so it's interesting to see how much my hair has grown in that time, but it doesn't really feel longer. I'm obsessed with disgustingly long hair though.

  3. You've probs already seen this article, but if you haven't, it's a way good one on growing out hair:)


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