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what do you want to do before you die?

Soooo there's this site called http://www.thehomet.com/ and basically it has your state on the shirt and it says "home" simple. classy. representin yo place. so i obviously bought one. and it helps donate $$ to MS research. so yeah.

shirt: Home T(here) pants- f21 sandals- american eagle

Sooo , school has 1 more week left. 1 more week to stress about projects and pretend I've learned anything this semester. 1 week to sweet talk my teachers into giving me A's. 1 week till the best summer ever. If you've ever seen the buried life, basically these 4 really good looking (like for reals good looking) gents have a show where they have a crazy bucket list and they do the things on the list of things they wanna do before they die. Kels (roommate) and I made and continually add to our own bucket list. We've knocked off 2 so far (get on the A list for some party last weekend and dance on stage at the party) check, check. We're calling this "the best summer ever" bucket list and once something goes on the list, we HAVE to do it. no erasing it. no backing down. We're prettttty excited. k welp, happy Wednesday peeps.



  1. If you need any help sweet talkin up your grades, Clueless has some great tips:)

  2. I looove that you guys are so commited to your summer bucket lists! Can't believe the two you've already done! You are so cool

  3. Oh my goodness I love the Buried Life and, yes...they are very good to look at :) Love that you're so committed to your bucket list. Whenever I do stuff for mine and people ask me why I'm doing it I tell them for my bucket list. A lot of times they say "What? You're supposed to do that when you're old!" Glad that others are working on theirs now too haha


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