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nanny diaries. funny happenings #78

So quick fill in- I'm a nanny to two sweet little boys, Ryder who is 3 years old & Hayes who is 1 years old. Ryder pronounces my name "Dandace" without fail every time he has ever said my name. The other day, his mom texted me this "Ryder and I were looking at a picture of you and I said 'look! It's dandace!' and Ryder looked up at me like I was some idiot and said 'it's CANdace'." hahaha I died at that. 

andddd here is one of our latest 'games' where Ryder asks me to "guess what" 9 million times and never actually tells me what. hahah makes long car rides real fun :)

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  1. Haha I loved this! I'm a nanny too and the kids are just too cute! I love when they mispronounce my name too! :)


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