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That time I put brown in my hair. aka pictures for days.

So I did  it! The wonderful Stephanie Mills read my mind and colored my hair exactly how I wanted. I decided overall I wanted a melt/ombre with some highlights thrown in. If you're not sure what a melt is, basically it means your hair is one color and it melts into another color. Melts are so the coloring in your hair looks more natural instead of having a blunt line where you color your hair and above it is the natural color aka your roots. So my hair is brown at the top and melts into blonde now! cha cha check it out:

shirt: f21 shorts & sandals: American Eagle Headband: made by me, Candace. Bag: china (here)

So there you have it, pics on pics! That coloring is after 2 washes so it will fade a little more into what my natural color is aka dirty blonde. Staying true to the whole "I wanna grow my hair rapunzel long soooooo bad" thing, I knew drastic measures (going ombre) had to be done. This way, I don't have to use as much bleach as I did before when I touch up my roots! I'll just throw in a couple highlights instead of going crazy pretty much pouring bleach over my entire head.  My hair was also starting to look wayyyy too bright for my taste. It's weird seeing brown weaved into my hair but it's cool and I like it! If you live in AZ and are lookin for a rockin hair stylist, email me and we'll hook you up with Steph stat. 


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