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This was supposed to be my bridesmaid outfit

Skirt, necklace, & wedges charlotte russe shirt: forever21

Once upon a time my best friend cousin was getting married and I was a bridesmaid. So of course I went out and purchased an outfit. and a plane ticket.  and my hopes were sky high. and then school got the best of my life and finals were the weekend of her wedding. So now I have this swanky new outfit and I missed my baby girls wedding! This post is a little belated, but Kaes was a gorgeous bride, as pictures never lie, and I am so bummed I had to cater to my 'education' and stay behind to take finals. Love you little lady!


  1. She sure was a beautiful bride! So sorry you had to miss her wedding! What a bummer! You would have been a gorgeous bridesmaid in that outfit! I love how flowy and light that skirt is!

  2. oh baby. you good loookin lady. rawwrr. i sure do luf you!!!

  3. I like your outfit! Very classy! :D

    Must be really sad to miss your best friend wedding. But she's really beautiful! :D

    with love, Cassandra xx


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