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I hiked 25 miles.

Sooooo last week I agreed to go on a little hike. and when I say little hike I mean it was like 25 miles round trip. Me and some friendz (aka jay, matt, parker, lauren, tracy, cameron, and chandler) hiked havasupai and it was real great. We drove to the starting point the night before and we (and by we I mean everyone but me and Cam) slept in the parking lot at the top of the hike  while Cam and I slept in the car where it was nice and toasty. Jay even fit in an air mattress in the back seat for me! What a guy. And he snapped this pic in my new fave 5 star hotel:

We woke up around 5-6ish and began the trek. First 1.5 miles, piece of cake. All down hill switchbacks. no big deal. I could do downhill allllll day. The rest of the 10(?) miles wasn't too bad either. We got to the indian village and I was real hungry and ready to grub till I saw the menu. I'm mad I didn't take a picture of it, it was redic!! For, like, a simple teensy tiny burger it was like $8. And I'm assuming it was also made out of pure gold, but I may have made that up. Everything was super over priced and came with extra grease, free of charge. Next stop: the waterfalls. We went to three of the falls, they were real decent!  Here's some pics on pics to show you the falls:

It was an awesomeeeeeeee hike, for sure and the falls were super cool! I was that kid who goes to jump off a ledge and slipped. But I'm okay, didn't even get a scratch. I was more just embarrassing, ya know? And, best line of the trip was right before we even started the hike, Jay goes "Guys, I can't wait till this is just a memory!!" hahaha truth. 
The hike going back was another story. I didn't exactly break in my hiking shoes real well prior to this thang cause my feet were dead. I wished I was dead. Jay had some foot ish, too, so we hiked and limped a teeny bit and made up 987584367842 scenarios on ways we could just die and not have to finish the hike. That's how bad our feet hurt. We got real creative. And then finally finished. Remember how the beginning was piece of cake downhill baby stuff? Yeah well we had to hike UP that in the end. So the last part of the death hike was all uphill switchbacks. Any bad word you can muster up went through my head. Not even sorry bout' it.

But, that hike is now a great memory and it was pretty fun, overall! My only advise if you ever convince yourself to hike this thang, camp at the bottom. do yourself a favor and don't do it all in one day. You'll thank me later.



  1. looks like so much fun!


  2. Wow. That looks amazing!!! 25 miles way to go!!


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