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it's the forth and I made a list.

So yeah, I'm trying to "save" money. and when I say "save" I really mean not indulge in all my shopping desires quite so much. ugh. such a dumb goal (I know) but whatever it takes, right? So here's a little lust list for the 4th of clothing that I wish I had in my closet this second but in reality these items are still in stores for your buying pleasure. This lust list brought to you by forever21. 

.that was painful to make knowing those poor orphan clothes are still stuck at forever 21 being maliciously tried on by unappreciative shoppers. I'll adopt all of you as soon  as I win the lottery. (so, soon) also I guess I made the two girls at the bottom hold pinkies, which means they're real close friends. who have on my future wardrobe. 

also, last week my fairytale came true (minus the hawt prince) (and white horse) (and attending a Taylor Swift concert) but other than those, pure fairy tale. I went to Virginia with the family that I nanny for. Did you know that Virginia is BEAUTIFUL. and I wouldn't mind owning some beach front property there someday? I took pics on pics and more on that later. Just know if you ever have the chance to visit/live in/be obsessed with Virginia, take that chance stat.


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