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cruise happenings part 2!

Part deux.

So yeah, as I said before, Craig and i did some karaoke. But the first time we sang, we sang together. The last night on the cruise, we wanted to try out some solo acts. We wanted our own identity besides "the karaoke twins" ya know? Anyways, I sang some t-swift (as predicted) and Craig choose maroon 5. He was up there singing like a champ and up walks some cute girl, she grabs the second mike, and starts singing with our very own Craigee. Whatttt? I dunno about you guys but I was having some major high school musical flash backs.  In HSM, the two are on a CRUISE and they sing KARAOKE and have to sing together as strangers. So I'm assuming this is craigs future wife. If they ever meet again. Which they will, cause you know, fate.

All I have to say is watch this video.  f8.


moving awn. K so on a cruise, they have about 9i3454323 set-ups to take your picture. and then they print out the pic and charge you about 6k to purchase the photos of YOU. riiight? Anyways,
I took some pics on pics of our photos: 

Mexico brought shopping. obvi. and haggling down prices. and I'm a sucker for these bracelets sooooo I got a couple. and here's my personal fave (I'm clearly really superficial so...) 

This is out of order buttttt it's coo . on the drive up. snugglin with the baby blanket. go ahead and judge me for being 22 and still lovin my baby blankey. 

And here we have Craig with a medal. It was for the hairy chest competition! lemme tell ya, craig doesn't have hair on his chest. but the ship people asked for volunteers for this competition and craig wasn't about to pass it up. 

check out his big debut!

Part 3 comin to a blog near you sometime soon.

cruise part 1 here!


  1. great photos! look like such a fun time!

  2. Being on a cruise sems so much fun! Now I really want to go on one soon!

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    cassandra xx

  3. Definitely fate- she even looks like Gabrielle! Real Life Musical!!


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