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we went on a cruise

sup sup, little Craigee and I turned 22 a couple of weeks ago. For our birthday, we decided to go on a cruise to ensenada, mexico. it roooocked! Basically food 24/7, hot tubs 24/7, and crazy drunk peeps EVERYWHERE 24/7. literally everyone was drunk. even the kids, I swear. Craig and I don't drink so that made it a teensy bit hard to relate to our shipmates, but it still rocked. 

  boarding the shippppp

before we could set sail, they put everyone into groups and told us the safety rubbish that Craig and I obviously didn't even pay attention to because we were too busy being squished into the wall by every single person 

 we ate snail! tastes like a balloon for reals.

karaoke on the first night. After that, peeps everywhere on the ship kept being like "hey.. are you the karaoke twins?!?!?!" true story.

basically 24 hour sandwiches. yeah yeahhhh!

craig had an ice cream cone 90% of the time.

our sweet bunks. the room was at least 20x20. aka teensy tiny. but we loved it! And I wanna go on another one. and bring friends. and love our lives seaside for days.

Birthday part 2 comin later. who knows when but, it'll come.
update: cruise part 2 here

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