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school is back in sesh

sup sup, school is back in sesh! I'm still all about the usage of half words and school aint gonna knock that outta me ever. Anyways, still an art major so there's that. And by art major I mean I am gettin my associates in graphic design in case you weren't aware! This video was basically my first day back, to a T

pretty much that. except for being the most popular girl part. And riding to school with the real popular kids cause I drove myself so. Other than that, to a T. Pretty much all you need to learn from that video is that every cool guy needs a popular girl. and by the wayyy that clip is from the movie Teen Witch. If you haven't seen it than consider this your formal invite to come over stat and watch it with me. 

Anyways, school has actually been back for like 3 weeks now but the common trend of "I suck at blogging" thing has clearly gotten the best of me and I haven't mentioned it. Plus school isn't the most interesting topic that people like to read about. Anyways, enough words. Here's a photo of me bein all studious at my first day back!

And there you have it! Happy fall (almost) peeps. 



  1. hahaha omg if this was your day. that would be so great. best video ever, seriously.

  2. Good luck back at school. Wow most popular girl at school, must be really fun!


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    cassandra xx

  3. be strong and good luck!! just remember you have a blog or something haha!


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