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the long hair series #1: the vitamins I take to grow my hair

Okay okay so I figured it out. This whole blogging rut I've been in where I don't blog much anymore but guess what? I found something I want to write about! And it's called the long hair series. Cause since I've been trying to grow it out since the day I cut it short about 4 years ago I've come across a LOT of awesome tips, especially lately. Healthy hair=long hair= happy girl. This first post is on the vitamins and supplements I take every single day in hopes of healthy hair. I promise the other posts won't be this boring.

Biotin 10k mcg- I take this guy once a day. There are different amounts of mcg you can take but I like this one because it's the highest amount and it works for me! You might want to start with a lower mcg just to make sure you like it (that's what I did) and I love it! I can tell that it works because the hair on my legs grows wayyy faster than it would when I'm not taking biotin and my head hair really does seem to grow faster. It also helps your skin look nice and your nails stronger.! I used to only take prenatal vitamins but those did not work even 1/2 as well as biotin does. This is the specific brand I buy: here

Fish Oil- I've always heard that fish oil is good for you in general and in my research I've learned that it also rocks at helping your hair grow! I don't think the brand matters so I'm not going to link the brand I use (if you'd really like to know, ask and I'll send ya the link :) ) an article talking about why fish oil helps hair can be found here. I buy my fish oil from walmart

Vitamin D-3 aka Vitamin D- Besides this being awesome in general during the winter where you won't get as much vitamin D from the sun,  I recently read that this supplement helps hair grow, as well! This is the brand I like (here) because they are capsules! Meaning they're filled with the crushed vitamin d-3 so when the outer shell dissolves in your tummy the vitamin is released right away. Vitamin d also helps break down calcium, so there's another plus!

Calcium- I don't drink milk so this is how I get my calcium but it also helps hair grow, yay!! Here's a good article about how it helps: here I don't think the brand matters much so I won't link mine unless you really want it! I buy my calcium from walmart.

I know there are other supplements out there that help hair grow faster but these are the ones I like best and work best for me! You can try them out or try other vitamins that help growth and just use what works best for you! Hope this helps!


  1. This may be a little Tmi or whatever, but as far as I know, you don't lose calcium during your mensies. But taking extra calcium at that time can prevent pms for some people. ;)

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