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catchin' up.

waddup world. It's been a while. Here is a quick catch up of my life. goin wild and adding photos WITH descriptions.

First things first, the roommates and I have been wanting roommate pictures since the dawn of time, so we finally got them done! By our talented friend, Taylor. He's only a student but his talent is basically pro. And the best part is, all we had to do was bribe him with kneaders french toast and BOOM. awesome photographer.

those are my favorite little sweeties right up there ^^

Next order of business, it's safe to say Kelsey and I are obsessed with the movie 'the great gatsby' so naturally, we dressed up as daisy and jordan from the movie for halloween.

Next order of business, I cut my hair! Nothin out of the usual. I cut it last October about this length, too. I've been tryin and tryin to grow it out and even wearing extensions 90% of the time. BUT somewhere between now and last october, the layers in my hair were crazy butchered. Like some were crazy short and some were pretty long. I was like wtf hair, you suck. so I cut the length to finally match the butched layers. I'm HOPING this will actually make all my hair grow at relatively the same length and not look weird and uneven like it did, and thus the growing my hair out like a normal human being voyage continues. wish me luck! This is basically the only picture I have so far with it cut (I'm not real big on selfies) so here ya go

this picture is of me n the roomiez fishin with some pals at basically midnight last weekend. it was a real treat but I didnt even catch anything. ughhh. 

last week I bought a car! I've been saving for ages and FINALLY bought one! i thought I'd be driving my grandpa car till I was a real live grandma but, thank heavens, i swallowed my fear of big purchases and bought a 2012 toyota corolla. and I loveee ittttt tonssssss

and last but not least, here is my proud nanny moment with the sweetest little sweetie you'll ever see. Ryder went to about 985943534 halloween parties. not even kidding. (fyi I only went to one this year so you tell me who is cooler) (hint: ryder is) and he had a different costume for each party haha it was so cute! here is one of us before he dashed off to one of his MANY parties.

welp, there's an update for ya! school is out for a MONTH break in 5 weeks and, lemme tell ya, I could cry of happiness. cry. I can't wait for this semester to be over and to be free for an entire month before school decides to start up again.peace homies.


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  1. half the kids I teach have better social lives than I. so sad!


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