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i'm in a photo class.

For my photo class final project I decided to photograph my pretty roomies. also, just so we're clear, I don't consider myself a "photographer" this was for reals only for a class. just cause there's like a mill photographers out there and I don't wanna be in that group. I wanna be in the "this was for school group" cause it's way more hipster, right?

My final final was to make either a book of pictures (boring) a website of pictures (boring and easy) or a video incorporating pictures and video. I chose number 3 because 1. I haven't made a video in ages and I LOVE making videos, 2. because I got my super cool brother to film for us, and 3. cause no one else in the class is making a video. I like to be different, ya know? It was really fun to edit the footage and try to make the music and pictures fit in nicely and all that jazz. Here's the video:

anyways, they're pretty. also, t-minus like 3 weeks till school is out! Blessed be the DAY my friends.


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  1. You're no rookie photographer! I love your project, how fun! And you're brother is way talented too. Must run in the family!


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