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back to school... and blogging

School is back once again, my friends. Always bittersweet on account of 1.) I need school so I can be filthy rich someday (or just doing good enough cause let's get real here) 2.) back to the swampy halls of MCC and waking up at the crack of dawn. 3.) those are pretty much the biggest pros and cons. or i guess the pro and con. 

And here is my first day of school selfie. I went in the bathroom and tried to take a decent photo but literally everytime I'd get just the right angle and stuff someone would walk in and I'd have to snap it quick so I didn't get caught taking bathroom selfies. So here it is:

ha my face is covered but the outfit is all that matters anyways! 

Here's some fun facts:
-I have class everyday starting at 8am

That fact wasn't actually very fun.

Anyways, still nannying for the boys! Perk to nannying: I have seen Frozen twice with them. They like it and I like it so it's a win win for all of us. I think everyone should see it cause it seriously is so good. and those songs, ya know? they are just spot on. so of course I have the soundtrack! Here's a personal fave:

anddd some meme's from the byu facebook page. they get me every time

this is me every fast sunday^^^

anyways, that is basically the updates for my life. Just the usual work and school. Which is good, but nothin crazyyyyy. Oh! Craig (the twin) is NOT leaving to go back up to BYU Idaho (thank heavens) so I'm sure we'll have some good ole twin adventures comin up real soon!


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  1. hahaha! That last one is spot on! So happy to hear you're doing well! Miss you!


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