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a post on spray tannning.

alright, alright, let's get the elephant out of the room before we start. And by we, I mean I. Spray tanning rocks. It isn't gross. and it's 100 times healthier than bed tanning. And THAT is coming straight from a girl who has worked in 3 tanning salons and has been tanning in beds since age 15 (that's right, me, people) At times, I have binge tanned, or, to be politically correct, I was... tanorexic...! I just really enjoy being tan, okay? Okay. Well, since I have grown a little older and a teeny bit wiser, I started realizing that I won't have wrinkle free skin forever. And though being tan is one of my favorite things, I recently decided to look into spray tanning. I LOVE the look of spray tans. 

I do tan in a bed still pretty rarely. Usually if I get any acne, a bed tan will kill it so that is pretty much the only reason I get in a bed anymore, and to keep at least a LITTLE base tan so I am not pitch white without spray tan.

This is what people think of when they hear the words "Spray Tan"

What a spray tan looks like (Unless you bought really crapy self tanner or there was rare case of bad solution at a salon):

Anyways, this is not a sponsored post, no company asked me to boost their product. This is coming from a girl who looked and tested some salon spray tans and self tanners and I just wanna share my favorite and cheapest way to stay tan!

the best stuff ever^^^ fake bake airbrush self tanner.

This stuff rocks! It lasts me like 2.5 months but I usually just spray my face, neck/chest area and arms. It retails for like $35 but I get it from amazon for around $15!  Or on ebay it can be cheap. Sometimes there are better deals than other times. Here's a good deal for some that I just found: here

Anyways, I wanna do a before and after post and show you how to get the most from this stuff and how to avoid streaks and any random tan dots and stuff. And I wanna post the pros and cons of this stuff. It's the best stuff I've found (minus a professional airbrush tan, but those can get pricy)  I just wanted to share for now :) 


  1. awesome! i am always looking for a new spray tan. thanks for sharing!


  2. Whenever I try this stuff I end up looking like the girl in the first picture... Or worse! But I'm going to give this kind a try ;)

  3. ayo gurl. I nominated you for this award thing. it's tight. go check out my latest post. http://snowwdiaries.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebstern-dearestbeloveddarlingsweethea.html#comment-form xoxo love ya roomie

  4. I LOVE your blog, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Hopefully that's not weird. Check it out at http://byuconfessionsbabe.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award-ja.html?spref=fb :) Keep posting the good stuff!


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