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avoiding homework

I have lots of homework and design work to do, but since I've been working on it for the past 3 hours, I decided to blog instead. Sorry in advanced to my bed tonight for neglecting it because I'll be busy finishing what I'm avoiding right now. aka the above mentioned.

Dating all the way back to MLK day, Jason had the brilliant idea to spend the day off going quading. smart boy, i'd say. So we rounded up some friends and went! 

I'm not one to post kissing pictures. It actually goes against everything I believe in [till like, engagement pictures are taken, then I think it's totes cool]. BUT this one is really cute. like, pinterest worthy. ya know? and I couldn't not post it. so there ya have it. Also, don't let that sun deceive you. On the way down the mountain, it was super chilly and cold. Poor Jason only had that short sleeve shirt to keep him warm. 

Next order of business, snowboarding. Some friends planned a trip and invited Jason and I to come along.  Summary of my snowboarding skills- go down mountain heel side for 5 seconds. fall. repeat. fall on purpose because calves are killing me. get up. repeat. Everyone else's snowboarding skills- go down mountain switching from heel side to toe side every .2 seconds. never fall. regret saying they'd do the run with me. do tricks on the rail things. repeat. It was super fun, though, and I knew I'd fall a lot so it wasn't a big disappointing surprise or anything haha 

I'm still nannying and doin school and all the normal stuff people my age typically do, nothin crazy. I'm already counting the days to summer (97 days) and can't wait to finish this semester and go to ASU next fall. Community college is seriously just like the jr. high of grown up school. It's an awkward point of going to a small college and trying to finish up asap to get to a real live university so I can graduate and work in design and not have school ever again. yayy! Welp happy monday!


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