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Just a little something

Oh, hey! So these past couple weeks have been all sorts of crazy and all sorts of good. Probably one of the best things was Jason's birthday! He is a valentines baby which is finneee by me. I'm totally happy celebrating his birthday on the day of love. It suits him well :) He made me a delish dinner and we picnicked at the place of our very first date way back in 2010! He has this thing with wood. Wood phone case, wood Mica watch, he just loves it! So one day, he texted me a website linking to a wood tie. Sooo, as birthday's have it, I decided to give him one to complete his wood collection of things.  

Jason just got a job coaching a JV high school volleyball team and I wanted to get him something for it sooo bad. I stumbled upon these insanely ahhh-mazing notepads from tiny prints.

(notice Jason's wood watch haha) Anyways, I was so obsessed with his "coach shiflet" notepad that I got one for myself, the love notes one. I love the paint effect!!! Now he can write notes to his team or their parents if he has to and he has that sahh-weet notepad to do so. I'm so smart ;) haha kidding, but seriously, I think I am way more obsessed with these than he is.

I got him a couple other go pro accessories and stuff but those are kinda boring so I didn't take a picture of them (extra batteries and a mount thing blah blah blah)

Spring break is 1 week away, my friends. ONE WEEK. School has been exceptionally crazy this semester so I cannot wait to take an entire week break off from it. 

Happy Monday!


Tie found here, Notepads found here


  1. so the wood tie totally rocks. the notepads aren't bad either.

  2. so cute! i love the tie.



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