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spring fever and a whole lotta updates

Oh hi! So besides the fact that summer is in 3.5 weeks and it's a high of 93 today in Arizona, March and April brought some pretty fun adventures! Spring break was the best. Mainly because there was no school and I got to play with Jason a whole lot. We hiked fossil springs in AZ, it was gorgeous! If you ever hike it, go down the springs for a while till you find a cave. Cause it's worth it. The cave is surrounded by crystal clear aqua-teal colored water. 

I also was lucky enough to design for a couple of awesome clients! Lexi, Paige,  Golden Rule Salon and a wedding announcement for an amazing couple! Here are some of the designs:

If you like what you see and you are looking for a good price on design, check out my portfolio here for pricing and all that good stuff

This last weekend was General Conference. Jason and I wanted to go super bad and watch it live in SLC Utah so we did. The drive was treacherous per usual. BUT we got to see Kaesi, Shaney, Britt and some other family & friends. It made the 10 hour drive worth it. Barely. ;) General conference was a real treat and all I gotta say is the leaders of the LDS church know what they're talkin about. word.  We drove up with another couple and they're great, too! check it out:

AND las but not least, if you're a commoner on reading the ole' blog, you know how terrible baddly I want/need my hair to grow LONG. I've been taking this special hair skin and nails stuff and here are my results from using them for a week:

I'm going to be taking the supplements for a total of 3 months and I will keep posting results. It's stuff you can't buy at the store so if you're interested in more info on them email me and I will fill you in! I'm hoping my hair keeps growing and growing so I can have Rapunzel hair in 3 months. wish me luck!

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