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Being engaged means free stuff

Okay okay okay, so yes, you get free stuff, it isn't like a free car, but it is a buncha free samples. And free is free so I like this whole engaged thing. That and since I'm engaged to the coolest of cool, it upped my social status by like 9878539% (thanks J, you make me cool) Anyways, did you know you can get paper samples?! paper! So you can choose your announcement paper and make sure it's perfect. I didn't know that. Till I was looking for a good printer and clicked the "free samples" button. 

see ^^^ it's literally that easy. I liked he paper that uprinting had to offer so I ordered from those sweeties. And our announcements get here TOMORROW! and then we'll send them all over the place to a mailbox near you. wut wut. Here's a preview of what to expect :) 

I'm pretty excited about those. Go figure that when it's me designing my own announcements I have a design blank. I tried out like 100 different design ideas and finally decided on this one. Jason helped me think of what to put where and he came up with putting leaves of the bottom. Sucha smartie. And just cause it's my blog and I do what I want, if you need any design work done and you like my style, check out my portfolio here

Now onto more free samples. We (me J's mom, J himself, and his sister, Sharisa) spent forever trying to find good ties that didn't cost us $50 a pop. We wanted skinny ties made from cotton fabric. Thru our search, I cam across a site that sold skinny ties! for like $6.  SUCH A GOOD DEAL. Saddly, they were satin, but I wanted to see what the fabric looked like (if it was too satin-y) and sent out for some fabric samples

we ended up ordering exactly what we wanted from a nice little shop on etsy so it worked out!

Oh, and if you register at target, they give you some thank you cards and all sorts of discounts! it's the tops my friends. I know. crazy. 

Anyways, I was just pretty excited over all this free sample business and no judging! Planning a wedding is stress-fulllllll as some of you might know, so a free sample takes away a little bit of that stress. Anyways, engaged life is fun and all but I'm ready for all this planning business to be done and married life to begin. woo!

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  1. get all the free stuff while you can. because once you get married you will be paying for more things.


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