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we took some pictures

So on Saturday, Jason and I were so lucky to work with the talented photographer, Cristi Owen! I worked with her on a shoot in high school once. It was the best shoot ever because I got to get my makeup and hair done and I got to wear any of the clothes I wanted from the boutique we were at. Anyways, she is teaching a photography class this summer on do's and don't with all sorts of things and she asked Jason and I to model for the shoot. I don't know what other word to use than model so don't laugh at me. It was sooo fun! And after the do's and don't's part, she did a mini shoot for us :) 

These are some of my favorites. Jason got all GQ during the shoot and put his model face on. mmmm

And here's one from my high school shoot with Cristi haha baby face all day



  1. That last picture. Cutie baby:) And the second pic is my fav!

  2. I love the fourth one down. Such a hott couple! :)


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