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officially a Shiflet

Guys. I am officially a Shiflet! I always hear of people who wait 2+ years to change their last name and I didn't wanna wait soooo I went ahead and did it as soon as I could :) (ps waiting a long time isn't a bad thing, I just decided to get the process done so I wouldn't run into any problems in the future with having 2 maybe last names)  It just takes a lot of pointless waiting in pointless places so that a rep can take 2 minutes to legally change your last name. 

So Arizona decided to change their license design. Just gotta say, whoever designed it clearly has no taste. Because they are pretty ugly. That above isn't the design, it's my copy until mine comes in the mail in like 2 weeks. But trust me, the new design ain't pretty. The plus side is that Arizona licenses still don't expire for like 100 years after you get them in the first place :)

Anyways, that's pretty much the highlight of the day! Cause I'm official!!

the shiflets

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  1. Oh my gosh Tyler and I just got our licenses with our new address...and we thought they were so ugly too!! They totally look like a fake ID. Haha! Way to go on changing your name so quick...I did the same thing and I know how lame it is sitting and waiting in all those lines! Isn't it so fun to see your new last name all official though?! Totally worth the long waits. :)


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