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busy busy busy

Oh hey!

We have been oh so busy! Jason works basically full time and goes to school full time while I have 534867889 different jobs and have a night class.

Last week I started my new job as a receptionist at Okland Construction! I was pretty excited to work there mainly because they built the Gilbert temple (and a million other temples!) Jason and I got married in the Gilbert LDS Temple so I will always especially love that place.  shoutout to Lexi & Tyler Camp for helping me get that job, you guys are the best!

This week has been (aka is) kinda nuts, I have a boutique going on right now for Framed (my wood signs) so late nights have been inevitable. Luckily I found a website that has every bachelor/bachelorette episode ever so it's some prime entertainment while I make signs all day everyday. If you're an AZ local, go check out the Mint Market boutique! Besides my signs, there's clothes, FOOD (enough said), jewelry, bags, basically everything you could ever want in life is as this place. I worked the registers this morning and it took everything in me not to ditch my duties and empty our bank account at this place. (please don't tell J) (thank you)

I'm sharing a space with my oh so talented sister in law, Kristen! She makes such cute stuff and SUCH  CUTE holiday items! So around Christmas time, you NEED to be her friend and check out all of her cute things! ps I realize the arrows are pointing the wrong way in that photo haha I erased them before open today.

This weekend is also a littles weekend! Aka the family I nanny for is going out of town so I have their two little guys Friday-Sunday! Luckily Jason and I moved into a 3-bedroom condo so we have a little guest room for the kids & some toys stocked in the closet to keep them occupied!

Wish me luck this weekend. and for the rest of my life #busy4life


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