Happy Monday Folks.
This last weekend was so so so busy! I was almost looking forward to Monday because I was ready for the weekend to wrap up. I know, I sound crazy right now. The craziness included being apart of the Mint Market Boutique and a littles weekend with the kids I nanny.
I was pretty excited about the Mint Market! A ton of awesome vendors were there (like I mentioned in the last post) and it was really cool to meet so many of the ladies I talk to on instagram. The internet is a crazy thing how I can "know" people and I haven't even met them yet. I think I did pretty good at the boutique because I have to restock a lot for this upcoming weekend's boutique, Vintage Charm! I won't know for sure how well I hope I did until we get all of our tags back from the people who hosted the boutique. Here is what our setup looked like:
Our worst nightmare came true when Arizona decided to RAIN. I live in a state that holds records for NOT raining and of course, it rained! And as you can see, we were outside in a dirt/rock area. Two things that mix a little too well with rain. Luckily my sister in law (who I shared a booth with) was able to get to our stuff before the rain and cover everything with a few tarps and our stuff was magically all DRY!!! Thankfully. Wood + rain= :'( . Wood+rain+TARP= :DDDDDDDDD (lots of double chins with that smile)

Littles weekend was great! just crazy with trying to keep up with the Mint Market stuff & keep two toddlers happy and smiling. HUGE shout out to Jason for helping so much with the boys! I literally would have died and then revive myself so I could get back to work had I been on my own this weekend! Yeah, yeah that is pretty dramatic but that's the truth! This post is already way too long for even my attention span so I'll write more highlights about this weekend later!


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  1. OKAY I am officially obsessed with these signs you make! They are so beautiful! Where can I buy them??



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