A true hero

You wanna know what a true hero is? Well I have a definition for ya, it's Jason.
You wanna know why he is a true hero? Because he basically makes all of my dreams come true (except the ones where me and Amber Fillerup Clark are best friends, I'm still working on that one)
This is usually how things go when I ask for something:

C-"Babe can I PLEASE get _____??! I really need it and here are a ton of good reasons why we need it!!"
J-"hmm umm maybe. Let's think about it a little"
*me the next day*
C- "Babe look how cool _____ is! We could do that if I had a ____"
*cue me trying to fit said item into conversation constantly to show how cool it is.
J- "Well if you really want it.... then ok"
C- "wait, should we talk about it first? are you sure? is that really ok!!?"
*cue me instantly being surprised that my bugging worked and that Jason actually said yes.

And that's pretty much how it goes. Jason is a real peach. And one my favorite things that he says is "I realized that when I got married my wife would want to shop!It's what girls do!" or something along those lines.

Okay so anyways, the latest concoction I asked for was a new camera lens. I had quietly been coveting my brother & sister in law's lens for the longest time. But guess how often I use my camera?
Yup. It has collected a nice pile of dust. Pretty sure the last time I used it was when I went to Boston last may (oops). So when I had this really great idea to buy a new lens, wise ol Jason said "You can have a lens when you prove you'll use your camera" Touché.

Long story short, Jason let me get the lens! It's a Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 lens. Let's be honest, that description really doesn't mean much to me because I don't really know what it means. All I know is I love the pictures it takes!

And now I need to jump on every photo opportunity to show Jason how useful it really is! 
Love you J oxoxoxoxoxxxxxxx



  1. Aww Jason sounds so great, you're lucky to have him :) And the lens you got is perfect, F/1.8 means that you can open your apperture (f) up to 1.8 which gives you perfect blurs and bokeh effects (if you want them), which is great for portrait and all sorts of photos when you want to isolate the background and foucus only on details :D

    So now you know everything, happy shooting and have a great day! :))


  2. Gotta love a husband who is agreeable to shopping! I love it when mine says, "I've been noticing you haven't bought any clothes recently. Let's go on a little spree."

  3. wait, does that bad boy actually let you zoom?! I'm buying a lens later this month and I'm sooo excited to be able to take better pictures with it. It's seriously like getting a new toy, haha :)

    xo marlen
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  4. Husbands are the best!! Eric is the same way and I love it! Such a good way to be ;) ha ha! I'm dying to get a new lense... and take a class to actually learn how to use my camera, HA!
    I'm in Goodyear, opposite side of the valley. Booooooo!!

  5. Sounds like he really is a peach) Need to try the same with my husband, I've been trying to get new lens for a long time now)


  6. the best husband is the husband that agrees to and happily goes shopping with you...you're blessed girl!

  7. Jason is awesome! Good job :)



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