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baby hungry.

Sometimes you just look at your husband and you think "wow, we need to have a baby because the world needs more Jason's like yesterday." and then you are baby hungry and then you have a secret pinterest bored dedicated to babies. Because if you made it public, people would talk and they would say "Did you see Candace's pinterest board with all baby stuff? I bet she's pregnant!" and yeah.

That's really happened to like every person who has been pregnant because pinterest does NOT lie. Also, I am not expecting (well, if I were then I guess this is SURPRISE for both of us, now isn't it?)

Here are my latest "if I were pregnant and expecting" pins. also, I should probably take up sewing so I don't have to go in debt to purchase all said items in pins. for a *FUTURE* baby. I kind of am officially obsessed with baby nurseries. oops.

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  1. I'm loving the giraffe one! I will have to save that image for whenever I get pregnant!

  2. oh these are so sweet.....wait till you get pregnant, then you never be able to make your mind up about anything! Great that you are starting to look now!

  3. That's funny! I have the same nurseries pinned to my secret baby board too. I feel ya, girl.

  4. I love the first nursery! I already have a baby(16 month old) and people are wondering when the next one is coming...they need to mind their own business!!:)

  5. Ha ha! When I got pregnant with my first baby they didn't have secret boards on Pinterest, so I came up with some sort of silly name for a board to pin on. It's amazing how people are so nosy. :) Beautiful nurseries. Wait until you are pregnant. Then the real nursery longing kicks in.

  6. Ha! I did the same pinterest thing before I had my daughter! I think all girls must do it :)

  7. haha! i'm not pregnant, but my pin board is still very public, and verrrryyyy overstuffed. oh well. ; ) when the time comes, i'll have loads of inspiration. i love the curtains in the first room! so elegant.

  8. Um yes, I have about 4 pinterest boards dedicated to future children. I have all of their birthday parties planned out already haha.


  9. You should make your board public so that the world can then steal all your pins haha. You're super creative, so when you do have a little babe (or babes?!) I know you'll make the real thing 10x better than these pics (and they're already pretty sick!) XOX, Beth

  10. I love the second nursery and the fact that's it's not just pink or blue. Great picks!

    Flip Flops and Furs

  11. I really love the second one with the navy and salmon coloring! It's so preppy haha

  12. I really love the second one with the navy and salmon coloring! It's so preppy haha

  13. Hahaha I completely agree with this statement, Pinterest does not lie! I had to make my wedding board private because friends would randomly text me and ask if Bill and I had news for them. Too funny!


  14. Hahaha I can totally agree with your comments! I got baby fever, bad. Guilty of the Pinterest baby board too (mines even public, oops), there are just too many cute children's things/rooms.
    All of your picks are gorgeous!

    Christine |

  15. 1. This was hilarious.

    2. I can SO relate.

    3. Amazing nurseries. In fact, can I just move into that last one?


  16. LOL! I know the feeling! I had pinned an unconventional wedding dress (it was a top and skirt, very 'new age' and cool looking) and I heard through the grapevine that our friends were wondering if we had gotten engaged and/or were planning a secret wedding!? LOL.

    On another note, I do love the first and second last pics -- so pretty!

  17. This post just made me giggle so much! So true!! Thanks for the laugh & love your dream baby ideas!!


    Sarah | QueSarahSera

  18. Beautiful! Love the wallpaper on the second picture!
    XO Kelly

  19. Adorable nursery ideas. When you have a little one they're going to have a great room! Might have to use some of these as inspiration. And you're totally right about the whole Pinterest assuming. We're guilty of it too ;)
    Winks and Eyerolls


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