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Friday Confessions Linkup

Oh hey! So here are some confessions to get your Friday started right. Ps I am making it a linkup at the bottom so PLEASE don't make me feel like a loser by me being the only one linking up. Or do I guess.

1. I got a passport!
I mentioned earlier this week that I didn't have a passport and that I lost my birth certificate. So pretty much I didn't exist as an  American Citizen. BUT I got it all figured out and got a new birth certificate and applied for a passport. So it's all good and I was officially born. Also I am claiming the day I got my new birth certificate as my other birthday so please send presents asap. Thanks. 
2.I rewrite my posts like 100 times.
I write a post. And then I reread it. And then I change something. And then I reread it. And then I change some more. And then I reread it. etc. In fact, I've already rewritten like 10 confessions for this post. Oh the mystery! Oh and if there's a spelling or grammar error, I am really embarrassed because of the amount of times I reread to correct stuff like that. This is a no judgment zone...right? ;)
3. I have a Girl crush.
I don't know why but I can't help it. I love Amber's blog. I'm sure that a lot of you do, too. But seriously, why can't we best friends and braid each others hair and exchange gossip? Is that really too much to ask!??
4. Mexico
It's all I am going to be thinking about for the next 33 days (yes I have a countdown app) Last night we did a little planning sesh and all I can remember is mangos on the BEACH. Plus I can't wait to do some haggling. You literally get the best deals ever in Mexico and I'm all about them deals.
5. No bolded title necessary.
This is my life. It my calendar ever crashed I wouldn't know if I should be crazy stressed or secretly really grateful haha

And there you have it! Some random Friday confessions. Below is the link up. Add any link you'd like cause it's FRIDAY and we can all tgif together



  1. Hurray linkup! I do a ton of editing too. Even when it's already published.. oops!

  2. Okay, first off, I didn't mean to link up twice. My computer keys are so little, and my fingers go 90 miles an hour. So, not trying to steal the show!! LOL... talk about editing. I SOOO do the same thing, and even make my daughter read it over and over because I always miss something. Glad I am not alone in this. Girl crushes, I have tons, that is why I posted Three Kids and a Fish. This was fun.

  3. I hope you have an awesome time in Mexico! Not too long to wait now! xxx

  4. Yay for Mexico!!! You're going to have the best time. I just booked my summer vacation to the DR, so now I need to follow in your footsteps and finally get my passport renewed. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I feel the same way about my calendar/planner. If I were without it, I'd be crazed... but maybe a little relieved...? So busy! I hope you find some time to relax :)

  6. Great blog you have here! I'm your newest follower.. :)

  7. thanks for linking up for Can't Live Without It!

  8. so congratulations on the passport! I hope you have a ton of great adventures!

    Midwest Darling

  9. I loooooooove Amber too!! :) She's seriously adorbs -xx


  10. I loooooooove Amber too!! :) She's seriously adorbs -xx



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