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Jason picked out my outfit

dress: blossom

Hi. So Jason and I were getting ready for church on Sunday and he threw this dress at me. In husband that means "wear this" so I did. I got this dress a while ago from a boutique called Blossom and I don't wear it as much as I should so I was glad Jason picked it out haha 

So my best friend Shaney (Shay-knee) was in town and we were wanting to go to the same ward (basically the same church meeting) My in laws, Shaney's brother, and my brother all go to the singles ward so we decided to go, too. Shaney and I both used to be in this specific singles ward before we got married to our sessy husbands so it is always kind of weird going back. Mainly, because we are married and the once you're married you are supposed to be in family ward instead of the singles ward. Hopefully that isn't 100% confusing.  

So aside from all the "...welcome...back??"'s we received, it was pretty good! And, to make matters even better, it was fast Sunday. After church there is always a ward "break  the fast" that we obviously crashed. Jason's parents do all the cooking and lemme tell ya, mama & papa Shiflet do NOT mess around. They literally have the best cooking in the entire planet. I wish they would open up a restaurant that was actually in my kitchen... and I was the only customer... and yeah. 

Anyways, that is all. Jason picked my outfit and if that's all you take from this little rant than i'm cool with it.



  1. That dress is so cute! He did good :)

  2. Super cute! Love the dress. He did a great job.

  3. Pretty dress! My best friend's name is Janie so I thought it was funny that it rhymed!

  4. Well the outfit is lovely! He did good!

  5. You look super cute! It's a perfect Sunday look, and so cute that he picked it for you!


  6. There's a lot worse that a husband can pick out! This looks like a great go-to dress!


  7. That is an adorable dress, your hubby has a good eye. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  8. He did a great job - the dress is adorbs!!




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