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Guest Post: Katie Elizabeth!

You guys, I am sooo happy to have Katie from the blog Katie Elizabeth guest posting over here today! I am constantly jealous of her adorable pup (and Morgan's omg) and her cute clothes. You will not be disappointed by her cute blog. Go show her some love and check out my guest post over on her page!!


Hey everyone!  
I'm Katie from the Katie Elizabeth blog, where I write about a variety of topics including (but definitely not limited to!) life with my husband and Golden Retriever puppy in Michigan, my favorite recipes and my love for any and all beauty products.  I'm so excited to be here on Lovely Little Rants
Today I thought I'd share a few interesting (ie. weird) things about myself and a round up my favorite blog posts to give you an idea of the randomness you can find over there each day!
+ I HAVE to make my bed every single morning.  It's like the first thing I do when I wake up and if I don't, my entire day is thrown off because of it.  I may have a bit of OCD going on ;)
+ One thing I'm not OCD about cleaning?  My hair, ha!  I only wash it once or twice a week.  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it has made the biggest, most positive difference in my hair.  Just make sure to invest in a great dry shampoo!
POST: Hair Favorites
+ We lived in downtown Chicago for four years after college and had theeee best time.  It was so much fun and we really lived it up, but it does feel nice to be back in our home state of Michigan now. 
POST: Goodbye Chicago // 3 Days In Chicago, Tourist Style
+ I fuel up my car every Monday, no matter how little gas I actually need.  It just feels great to start the week off on a high note!
+ Pinterest is my weakness, aka biggest time waster.  I could spend hours sitting there, pinning recipes I'll never make, DIY projects I'll never do, and clothes I'm never going to buy (but wish I could).  So. Addicting.  Follow me here 
+ My husband and I are total Netflix junkies.  We love to binge watch shows so be sure to throw any recommendations you have our way.  We just started Bloodline this past weekend!
POST: Netflix Favorites
+ Our dog, Brady, is a 1 year old golden retriever - his birthday was yesterday!  Brady boy is the cutest, sweetest guy, but he has a swallowing things problem.  Namely socks and rocks, ha.  We've spent more money than I can even tell you at the vet this past year.  Most notably, on a $2000 surgery to remove EIGHT rocks from his intestines!!  He's lucky he's so adorable... 
POST: Brady Boy
+ Hands down, the best trip of my life was our honeymoon to Hawaii.  We spent 10 days on Oahu and Maui and it was so, so amazing.  I recapped the entire trip on the blog here!
POST: Hawaiian Honeymoon
+ Which brings me to my last point.. how much I love blogging!  It's a great hobby and a wonderful way to make connections with women all over the country, but it's also the best scrapbook a person could have.  In 50 years, I won't remember all of those little details of our wedding or our trip, but I'll always have the blog to look back on and remember.  Love it for that!
Thanks for letting me take over today Candace - your readers are some of the best ;)  Make sure to stop by the ol' blog and say hi sometime, or connect with me on social media!
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  1. Loved your post on Katie's blog. I like Katie HAVE to make my bed every day. if my husband gets up after me and I come home to an unmade bed it stresses me out alil, haha.

    1. Thank you!! I'm with you guys, the day just goes better if I make our bed in the morning!

  2. I read your blogs on Katie's blog, Its just so interesting and I can feel the happiness each time you wrote it. I can also see you got fashion. Keep posting! :) Have a nice day!

    1. Awh thank you so much for reading it, Dorothy! Have an awesome weekend! :)

    2. I'd really love to see you in all white for your next post! Have a nice day!

  3. Hahaha thanks for the shout out Candace ;) I love both of you so much. I just want to pet that little Brady so bad he looks like the softest thing ever. And now I'm going to go read all about the honeymoon in Hawaii because it is my DREAM to go there!

    x. Morgan /

    1. hahah I couldn't NOT mention Ted. It would have been a sin! love you!

  4. Your quirks are so adorable :) I can never make my bed in the morning, I'm always rushing out the door.

    you might like the series Chuck for netflix, Kyle and I loved it.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  5. Um, Brady is SO cute!! And Netflix junkies is the way to be :)

  6. Well hey, there cute girl; I know you! ;)

  7. i totally need to start washing my hair less, i always forget about dry shampoo!
    completely agree about blogging - i love being able to look back and remember things i otherwise would have forgotten.

  8. So as a relatively new reader to your blog, Katie, I love this guest post! It's a good summation of so many things! :)

    First of all, you know I love that fuzzy puppy of yours. Oh my goodness, he is SO cute! I didn't realize that you don't wash your hair often, though. I'm the same way! I wash it a little more in the summer (more like 3 or 4 times a week) because I get gross and sweaty in all the heat, but the rest of the year, it's totally twice a week. Thankfully it doesn't get greasy (hello natural curly hair) so I don't have to worry about any of that. Though I've heard dry shampoos (like you mentioned) are awesome!

    Also the same, we totally make our bed every day. I actually didn't realize that this wasn't common among adults until just recently. We were telling our friends that one of the reasons we love to stay at a hotel when we travel is that we don't have to make up the bed since someone comes in to do it for us. It's like a small "you are on vacation" luxury. They looked at us blankly and then said, "You make up your bed every day?" To which we responded "Um.. yeah... don't you?" And they (as well as all our other friends in the room) told us that they didn't make up their beds. And these are grown adults with real world jobs. Turns out that a lot of adults don't start making their beds until they have kids who they want to teach to make beds. So to set a good example, they will make their bed. Anyway, this is way too long of a comment about making beds, but I just loved that we had that in common! :)

    Oooh your Hawaii post was before my time on your blog! I definitely need to go check that out! I agree with you about loving blogging for the scrapbook that it is. :)

    Candace, thanks for hosting Katie! Even though I already follow her blog, I loved getting to know more about her here! :)

    1. You are so awesome, Rach!! Seriously I hope Katie saw this comment :) I wanna be in the bed making club!! I need to be better at it haha sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But let's get real, the room always looks way cleaner when the bed is made for some reason!

  9. Netflix is pretty awesome.

    Cute doggy!

  10. Love Katie! And yay for a Brady pic and for Netflix binges <3


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