The big day!

Tomorrow is my official due date! Honestly, part of me was a little convinced I'd have her early but since it's the day before, I don't think that is going to happen unless it happens TODAY! Jason has been my coach on the daily, instructing we go on walks and that I bounce on the workout ball and do all those things pregnant people do when they would like to help encourage the birthing process ;) I think it would be so funny to be able to say I went into labor while playing pokemon go or something. That game is a win-win because I get to walk and Jason gets to be entertained!

This week at my doctor appointment I was 90% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. Some progress but not enough!! He said that he wants to induce at 41 weeks if I haven't had her by then. I've been avoiding any type of medical induction like the plague! I'm no doctor, but I just have a feeling that babies will come when they are ready and if you speed the process, they might not be ready to come yet! (I actually heard that on a podcast I've been listening to based on real research and facts) The last few weeks of gestation are vital for things like lung development so I figure if I can wait 9 months, I can be a little late and the world won't end. 

Obviously there are medical emergencies for induction and everyone has their own reasons to do so and that is their choice, I just have my own opinions, too :) No one is a bad person for getting induced or not, it just depends on what you feel is best for you and your baby! And not every baby who comes early isn't ready and can be perfectly healthy, but I'd rather just be safe and wait it out even though trust me, I am starting to get impatient just waiting and hoping she comes soon!! At 41 weeks I'm sure she'll be all developed, I just hope I don't have to use any induction techniques that will make contractions stronger than they have to be! So pretty much I just really, really hope she comes before 41 weeks on her own! 

The house is mostly cleaned, the girl who works for us is literally killing it at getting orders done and out (seriously, she's a blessing), the nursery is set up for the most part, basically we are ready!! There's little things I can still do that I guess I'll do today. Who knows, maybe all the moving will encourage baby to want to come! Also- a few people asked if I dyed my hair darker, it just looks darker in this picture but it's still blonde :)


ps. If you're wondering which podcasts I've been listening to, they can be found here! They are honestly the most useful and helpful things I've heard my entire pregnancy because they tell you pros and cons to every decision possible you can make while pregnant. Basically they help you make informed decisions and know exactly what you're getting into with everything pregnancy and birth related. She cites all of her sources so you know it's actual research/ fact and not just a random opinion. 


  1. Eeeek!!!! I can't believe you are so close!!! I can't wait to see this precious little one.

    1. ahhh same here!! I am dying to meet her finally!

  2. "Hey, baby, get out! We all want to meet your pretty lil face!" I hope that she listens...make sure you yell it at her for me. :)

  3. here's hoping that little girl comes in the next few days for everyone's sake! good luck with everything!

  4. Yay! I'm so excited for you and sending lots of thoughts and prayers for tyou and that healthy baby girl. :) Hang in there.

  5. Ooh! Can't wait to listen to these podcasts!
    Good luck with labor and everything :)

  6. so excited for you! I've been stalking your instagram! haha!


  7. So exciting, I can not wait to meet her!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Your attitude is so refreshing! I hate when moms "rush" baby to come out. You are so right, the longer she's "cooking" the better! I actually had to be induced. Only because I was having crazy contractions for hours and I was in labor, but my water never broke on it's own. Which was kind of a bummer because I totally wanted to feel that. (; Weird? lol I'm so excited for you guys!!!! <3

  9. You are just so cute! Since I just read your most recent post I know that she is still late, but I love your attitude about it all! :)

  10. I know it's simple to smile but not so simple to birth a child. Wish your best life and your child too. Great article.

  11. You're so much pretty and cool. It's really a good read your feelings. Best wishes for you and your babe. Thanks for the post.


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