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Little blue dress.

Blue dress c/o lularoe sugarhill

In case you didn't notice, every "outfit" post I do, I always have a picture with Jason. Every time he might roll his eyes when I say "K, let's take our selfie!" but I know he lovesss it deep down ;)

Baby girl would have joined in on our family selfie, but she was snoozing and all I know is that you do NOT wake a sleeping baby (unless it's time to eat because yeah)

So here's the thing that I always wondered, what will my body look like after this baby is out?!! Like, will I just have all this extra skin? (because guys, remember how I was pretty dang huge??!) Or will my belly button ever go back to normal?! Will these stretch marks fade? Will I have to wear 1 pieces for the rest of my life??! I was soooo curious about these things when I was pregnant! These pictures were taken about 5 weeks postpartum. So far my stomach doesn't look the same still and who knows if it ever will, but it's shrunk almost completely, just doesn't look all that normal yet.

I'm not hard on myself or sad about how my stomach looks right now because  I did JUST have a baby, it's just different and that's ok! Having a baby to snuggle and stare at 24/7 is 100000000% worth it. I just got cleared to workout so I am planning getting active again and working towards getting healthier and dropping my last 15 extra pounds. It's so crazy how your body really does kind of just shrink back to normal so quickly, though. And it's crazy how I created a HUMAN inside of me and now that human is living off of something else my body creates. Like that blows my mind when I really think about it!

That being said, I am all about loose clothes! Especially as my body gets back to its normal self. This dress from Lularoe Sugarhill is my favorite lately. I love how it's loose and a little bit flowy while being super soft and stretchy. I've been wearing it so much since I got it! My friends are reps for Lularoe and were so sweet to let me pick out a dress from their stock. They have so many different things to pick from, which made decision making soooo hard. They are offering my readers 10% off of your purchase with the code candace10, so be sure to use that when you snag something from them!! I have a few other dresses from Lularoe that I lived in when I was pregnant, like I literally wore the same 3 dresses during the last few weeks of pregnancy. This one for instance is my personal favorite. Check out their instagram and facebook page to see what they have right now :)



  1. LOVEEEE that blue dress on you girly! You seriously look amazing!! Hope the family is doing great!

    x Olivia

  2. I live in flowy clothes always so that's a bonus for my early pregnancy days AND postpartum days! BOOM! Hahaha. Looking gorgeous!!!

  3. That dress looks great on you. Such a good color. And you look amazing!

  4. You look so pretty in that Carly! Such a beautiful color on you. :)

  5. Wow it's been like 400 years since I've commented on a blog post lol, BUT HI!!!! You look amazing Candace. REALLY. And this dress just like makes me your blue eyes look so pretty! I always say I need comfy t-shirt style dresses yet I don't have any haha. Just shorts and v-necks all day, every day. Isn't it lularoe who does those super popular leggings? I've been curious about those..I'll have to check. ALSO your latest instagram story about snuggling was SO CUTE. GIVE ME A BABY.

  6. I think you look great!!!!! Also, it will go back. Trust me it will, but it will never look the exact same. I went back to my pre partum weight within I think 6-7 weeks, 8 maximum, but my stomach never looked right, and even now, it doesn't. It looks close, but I can always tell I had a baby just looking at my stomach. Some women are lucky enough to have it return mostly normal, others aren't, but either way, it will return :)

  7. The answer is, nope, it will never look the same, but you'll learn to love it. Even after losing 60+ lbs after my baby, I still have stretchmarks, saggy skin. You eventually just stop caring. Plus, you have a husband that loves you and baby girl. It really is all worth it.


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