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Brighton's Blessing day and pictures galore

My dress c/o: here Brighton's bow: here

Yesterday was Brighton's blessing day! In our church, when a baby is born they usually get blessed by their dad/ grandpa/ whoever they want and close friends in front of everyone at the meeting. Last week Jason was like, "Hey let's bless her this Sunday!" and when I looked up cute blessing dresses, everything had a 3-4 week turn around time!! I had the dress she's wearing (from H&M) in her closet but it was a 12-18m sized dress. I decided to try it on her because I think long blessing dresses are so cute and it worked perfectly :) It was a little big around the neck but it worked out and she looked so beautiful!

We invited a handful of family and friends to attend and it was great to see everyone and have them come on her special day. My friends Jessica + Roman (the other couple with the baby up there ^) had their son, August, on the same day that I had Brighton! It was awesome because Jessica and I had talked and hung out so much when we were both pregnant and had the same ideas on every little thing so it was crazy we happened to have our babies like literally 5 hours apart! She was due the 18th and I was due the 5th so just funny how it worked out :) 

Brighton napped all the way up until they blessed her (of course haha) but she was so good and just stared at people while it was happening. After pictures and everything she fell asleep again and was the best sport about being passed around and having a huge camera in her face all morning. I am pretty sure I say this at least 100 times a day but Brighton is seriously the best baby we could have ever asked for. Like she is literally perfect. Sleeps a lot, rarely cries, smiles a ton at us, is soooo easy going. She just makes me want to try even harder to make her happy and do everything I can for her. She's almost 8 weeks (what??????) and her personality is coming out more and more. We love that girl!!



  1. So sweet!! And I LOOOVE your dress!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so cliche to say but she's getting so big!!! And I'm sorry....but she looks more and more like Jason hahahha! (I keep hearing that's normal though. That they at least start off looking just like Dad.) And you look SO GOOD!!! I have to say it again - SO GOOD!!!!! And give me your hair!

  3. Such a special day! You look beautiful, Brighton is beautiful and this post just makes me SO happy :) :) :)

  4. What a great day. Everyone looks great. I especially like the very first picture of your lil family - frame-worthy! :)

  5. What a sweet family day. I'm so glad Brighton has avoided the newborn fussiness for you. Phoenix on the other hand.....;-) he's always been a very alert baby and likes to let us know when he's not into something. HAHA.

  6. Aww I love that you guys had your babies so close together! That just happened this week for two of my friends! One baby came a week late and the other came 3.5 weeks early and they were born within hours of each other! And they are like best friends so it's just perfect!

    Love your dress and hers as well! Way to make that outfit work!!

  7. What a special day! You have a beautiful family!

  8. What a great day to remember with close friends! Little Brighton is so beautiful! Good thinking about the dress. (; I mean, did you see how big Princess Charlotte's dress was when she was baptized?! haha It's cool to have a long flowy dress. Brighton is already a fashionista like her mommy.


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