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Brighton meets a pumpkin.

hahah not very enthused about all these pictures

Orange bow: c/o Teeny Nation

On Halloween, Jason came home from work and I had this grand idea to take a picture of Brighton next to our pumpkin! Jason had an even better idea though, he had seen that cute pumpkin patch on his way home from school and suggested we go there. When Jason suggests we take pictures somewhere, you do NOT ask questions. J has come to terms with the fact that I am a crazy picture taker but doesn't LOVE it so the fact that he found this cute spot and wanted to go take pictures was a big deal haha. So off we went! It was at a church (that I wish I could remember the name of!!) and this nice lady told us to click away with our camera.

Brighton is the best and just went along with it and put up with us moving her around and snapping pictures. She is so patient and soooo easy going, we love that girl. Can you believe her eyes?!?! They are the prettiest shade of blue ever!

For Halloween night, we went to hang out with one of my sister in law's family. I know Brighton will not remember her first Halloween, but I wanted to dress her up and do something festive with her so bad! J isn't a huge costume lover but I totally am so I just made me and B be mice for the night :) I told Jason he could just wear yellow and be the cheese or be a mouse and we could be 3 blind mice! He just decided to be a dad for Halloween though ;)

  If you've ever tried to paint a straight line on an infants cheek then you feel our pain. We re-drew her mouse whiskers about 4758348 times and they still ended up being crooked. She was not a fan of having her face painted and would be still until the brush touched her face. It worked out though and she made a cute little mouse :) Happy first Halloween, Brighton!



  1. She is so precious!!! The cutest pumpkin of them all. :)

  2. SO cute! Babies + pumpkins make for the best pictures ever!

  3. Oh she is too cute! Such a precious little pumpkin.

  4. Those beautiful blue eyes! Well Jason has an eye for photo worthy locations. haha Glad little Miss Brighton had a great first Halloween! (:

  5. She is definitely the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

  6. Omg her eyes are so so so pretty!! Love all these pictures, how cute that Jason mentioned going to the patch, definitely take advantage of that!

  7. Sooo precious! Also, I am loving your double buns! I need to give them a go and give my messy mom bun a break.

  8. Cutest mouse ever!! Love you so much. The pumpkin photos are so cute. Good idea Jason.

  9. Those blue eyes - dang! I love your matching mother/daughter mouse costumes. Adorable. :)

  10. So gorgeous picturesss...thank you sharing dear!
    Please take a look on my magazine online

  11. Was it the Living Faith Church on Guadalupe? It looks familiar and that church happens to be right by my in-laws. They also sell Christmas trees starting the day after Thanksgiving (if it's the same place). We always go down there to pick up our Charlie Brown tree.


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