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Disneyland take 1

Jason was wondering where they store this huge tree and for real... WHERE?!!

A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland! (Oh yeah, hi blog!) My brother + sister in law were in town and invited us to come with them spur of the moment. Brighton was begging to go and we couldn't tell her no ;) Ever since Jason and I got married I have been DYING to go to Disney. I haven't been since like 5th grade and Jason doesn't even remember when he went. I know Brighton won't remember it and yada yada yada but it was still fun to take her and have her experience it :)

We drove up and met my fam at an air bnb (that was super filthy by the way, but it was cheap so it's coo) We got in pretty late at night, slept, and then met everyone at Disney the next day. When I walked into Disneyland, I almost had a panic attack haha yeah COOL STORY CANDACE. There were just SOOOO many people and I didn't know where to even begin with all the rides! Like, I was super excited to be there, for some reason I just had not expected there to be 2 million people at Disneyland. Naive me thinking Disneyland wouldn't be packed to the brim.

We tried to get all the fast passes we could (aka Jason was running around for us getting them). We all took turns sitting with the kids so we could go on a few adult rides while also trying to make sure we went on kid rides while also trying to figure out which rides had short wait times. It was really fun but it was also so crazy! I think we spent 70% of the time there trying to figure out which rides to go on haha. Next time we go, I am researching everything and all the different rides so we can go on more things because we literally went on 6 rides. It was a lottt of fun BUT it ain't cheap and I want to get everything I can from it next time we go and do a lot more!  Give me all your Disney tips, guys!! I for sure want to go back soon!!

We did all the classic things like eat a Mickey pretzel and churros so that was good :) Brighton still sleeps a lot so one time she woke up on the Pooh ride. It's a ride where Pooh is dreaming and it has all these crazy things pop up so I was wondering what Brighton was thinking or if she thought she might be dreaming still maybe? Either way, she was so happy and good and I'm sure she had as much fun as a baby can have in a new place full of colors and cartoon characters.

I also decided something! I decided that I want to have more experiences with my family vs having things. Like for Christmas/Birthdays I want to ask for experiences instead of things. Obviously there will still be gifts to unwrap and blah blah but I want my kids to grow up remembering always doing fun things together instead of forgetting about all the pointless toys they got that broke in a month. So Disneyland was what I wanted for Christmas and it's something I won't ever forget and it will be fun to tell B she went for her first time at only 3 months old! Plus as the kids get older, of course they can ask for toys, but I want to try to make their big present an experience, like a big date with mom and dad or a family trip to California or just things like that. Just something I've been thinking about and getting so so so excited dreaming up ideas as our family continues to grow.



  1. I think that it's a great idea to do something rather than buy a bunch of things that will be forgotten, trip memories are much better! Looks/sounds like you all had a great time minus the only riding six rides then. Boo. Next time, next time. :)

  2. I can't wait to take E to Disneyland! It really is my favorite place! I love your photos.

  3. Two places I desperately want to go at Christmastime: Disneyland and NYC. So jealous!!! I never would've wondered that before, but now I MUST know where they store that giant tree...they must have to break it up into a bajillion pieces first!!!


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