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Brighton's first Christmas!

Probably my new favorite picture of B. Like are you kidding me? Cutest little babe.

This is pretty good, I still got the Christmas post up before Valentines day!! haha for real my goal is to get back into blogging again because I love getting all of these memories into my online journal to look back on. Anyways, here is the story of our Christmas Pajamas (in case you were wondering)

Eh hem, so I bought matching PJ's from China. Mistake #1. When they got here, they were all literally the size of doll clothes. Well, I guess not literally, but they were sooooooooooooo small! The only ones that actually fit were Brighton's. So basically I had this grand idea that we would start the PJ tradition and all match and yada yada and then I wasted $30 on piece of crap China clothes. The China store was all difficult and basically made returns impossible and I didn't want to waste more $ on PJs so we all ended up wearing normal pajamas and guess what? Christmas still happened and all was well! :) I had meant to at least but B in hers and on Christmas Eve I put her in what she is wearing above and didn't feel like changing her into the dumb China pj's. The ones she is wearing are way cuter, anyways.

We spent the entire weekend with family galore! It was really fun and also kind of stressful because naps didn't happen (my life pretty much revolves around naps haha, they're important, guys!!) but I need to learn to just go with the flow more and if naps don't happen one day then IT IS OK!
Brighton got puzzles and a singing puppy and some other fun things! Christmas was soooo fun with Brighton! She obviously just went with the flow and was cute and sweet, but it was just fun have our own child to celebrate the holidays with now. Highly recommend, 5 stars.

I had casually asked for a new setting/ diamonds on the side of my wedding ring with a super skinny band and didn't really expect it to happen! I have thrown it out before and figured maybe it would happen after a few years passed. Jason surprised me and got it made and I am in love with my wedding ring all over again! I totally loved it so much before, but we were poor newly weds when we first got my ring so I didn't expect my "dream" ring straight away. I am in loveee with it! I got Jason a big soccer goal because it's all he mentioned! I asked him 5249564 times what he wanted for Christmas and finally got that out of him and he loves it! Probably my favorite part of this season was looking at lights together as a family and seeing so many friends and family. Next up, new years post and then I promise to stop back tracking on posts :)



  1. Happy first Christmas with your baby girl! Many more great ones to come! (; We don't do matching pjs, but we buy each other new ones each year, however, Target has adorable family sets and I think we might just be "that family" next year. (;

  2. What a wonderful 1st Christmas she had! Such a precious girl.

  3. "Highly recommend. 5 stars." LOL. You're cracking me up. And the doll pajamas, LOL. I like the whole idea of matching Pj's too, but really, who the heck cares. It just makes for cute pictures lol. I think it would be fun tradition to have with siblings someday though. (WINK WINK WINK JASON JASON JASON.)

  4. i love that picture of you 3!

  5. Omg! This is way too cute!! Looks like you guys had an incredible Christmas! Love these photos!

    xo Olivia

  6. I'm sorry the Pjs didn't work out but I'm glad ya'll had a great first Christmas! I want to see a picture of your new ring setting.


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