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Black maxi + nap chat


Going for 2 posts this week to ease back into things. So HI! This week I made a goal to go on more walks with Brighton. It is nice to get us both out of the house! My life revolves around nap time right now so sometimes it's hard to leave when I only have a 2 hour window before she is sleepy again because the first 30-40 min of that is eating and me getting ready to be seen in public, then it takes 15-20 min to drive anywhere I want to walk because I like going new places and showing B new things.  I realize how ironic that sounds, to DRIVE to where I want to WALK haha. The area we live is just so ugly and boring (lol @ Arizona) so I like to drive to greener places that are prettier and have grass vs cactus littering the path, ya know?

So by the time we get somewhere, we have about an hour of wake time left and part of that is spent driving back home because if she falls asleep in the car, I can kiss a good nap goodbye when we get home. The things I do for a good nap, I tell ya. ;)

I'm not a schedule nazi (and if you are, your life is probably a lot easier that way bc NAPS) but I am like a half and half schedule nazi. Like I TRY to stick to some sort of schedule and if (when) the schedule gets messed up a little (a lot), I have to go with the flow! Like I will have a good schedule down where B is taking 2 2-hour naps a day and blah blah and then next week she decides it's time to grow and switch it up and nap for like 2 hours total for a day or two! Baby B keeps me on my toes with her routines. I'm figuring it out, though! B also said  mama last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a video yesterday that I'll post soon! There's a kind of funny story behind it so I'll save that for the video post, too!



  1. We tend to go with the flow most times, E is a really good sleeper and napper so she is down to sleep at any point haha.

  2. Beautiful photos thnak you dear! I like you casual outfit!

  3. I remember when mine said "mama" for the first time. Seriously nothing melts your heart faster. (: <3


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