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Thank you Tobi for sponsoring this post.

Jason made fun of me for this pose (for good reason) but posting it anyways!
Dress: c/o Tobi

All I have to say is Jason and I make a pretty good photography team- he takes the pictures and I direct and edit. I tried to convince him that we should start a wife/husband photography business but unfortunately, he declined ;) Jason is such a good guy, even though taking pictures is probably #1 on his least favorite things to do, he still does it and is so good at it! Stop robbing the world of your talent, J!! haha

Anyways, I was pretty excited when Tobi contacted me to collab! I got to pick a few cute things from their website (so stay tuned!) and pretend to be a model. I LOVE this dress!! I keep seeing the jean trend going around and was excited I finally hopped on board. They do 50% off one item on your first purchase so if you're into good deals and cute clothes like me, then hop on over there and pick out something cute for yourself. 

There are a few new fun things going on in the Shiflet household! 

-Jason just finished his semester and has 1 more to go! Half of me is stoked for him to graduate and the other half of me is excited to stop giving ASU like 2 million dollars a semester. 

-I am dipping my toes in photography! After debating it for a long time, I just decided to go for it! I love taking pictures and getting creative with editing so I figured WHY NOT. I debated not doing it just because I feel like EVERYONE is a photographer and I didn't want to be another one of "those girls" who does photography. But then I decided to DGAF and go for it! Also sorry if DGAF offends you but that phrase runs my life hahah. Whenever I debate doing something I want to do, I just say DGAF and do it. Simple, guys. ;) I have done a few photo shoots and got to do a birth a few weeks ago! I'll post about it soon!

- Brighton is coming up on a YEAR. Fastest year of my entire life. I feel like I got blessed with the easiest baby ever because she makes me want to have 100 more! 

-Jason starts his internship in June at a big accounting firm. It'll be his second one this year and lemme tell ya, the kid is amazing! He tries to have accounting conversations with me and talks about all these things I don't understand, but I love seeing his passion and excitement. Like, I wish I could be that excited about how to account for pension funds (what the heck is that? idk). He's a genius and I am so proud and impressed with how dang hard he works! Thanks for being so smart, J! 

-My brother Chris & sister in law Tani move here next month and I literally am SO EXCITED! They are the ones who live in Iowa and Chris got into a residency program here so they will be here for at least 2 years! I have 2 years to convince them to stay :)

That is pretty much all I can think up right now! Life is good, God is great, and the future is looking bright.



  1. You would be an awesome photographer. I've always enjoyed the style of your pictures posted here, you have a great eye. WOW, baby girl is almost one?!!?

  2. Love these life updates!! So happy to see that you and the beautiful family are doing great!!! <3

    xo Olivia

  3. I love this updates!!! :) So much is happening with your family. I can't believe she is almost 1!

  4. Pretending to be a model is the best and this is SUCH a cute dress!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. You have so many reasons to feel amazing right now! I can't believe your baby girl is almost one! What?!!!!

    I know your life is crazy busy with your business and little miss Brighton, but thank you for these updates! So glad to see you guys doing well! <3


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