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Iphone diaries, summer edition

Iphone diaries hasn't happened for a longggg time! My phone harasses me about having no storage at least once a minute so I don't take as many pictures as I would love to! A lot of the time I ask Jason if I can use his phone to take a quick pic because he has storage for dayzzz. I am constantly dumping all my photos onto my computer to save them and then run out of storage 1 hour later because I take advantage of what I got! Anyways, here are some pictures I was able to get before my phone revoked my picture taking freedoms:

Starting out this diary with a (failed????) attempt at a fruit wash. Apparently if you put vinegar in water and soak your fruit, it gets all the waxes, pesticides, etc off of your fruit. Pinterest also said the water after would be filthy but my water was still pretty crystal clear sooooo I am not real sure it even worked... 

The other week, we went on a double date with Shaney and Christian! They're the best people ever and B's future in laws so we have to keep that relationship strong if this arranged marriage between our babies is going to work out ;) 

This picture hahahah!! Brink is the littlest sweetie to our Brighton! One day she will love his kisses and cuddles, one day.

Cousin Fox giving Brighton a piggy back ride. Fox puts on a face of like "oh yeah, Brighton is cool I guess" but he secretly LOVES her so much and plays so well with her, it is the cutest thing!!

Memorial day picture!

1. Brighton's sun hat is everything. 2. Brinkton is my favorite power couple

So my brother in law got married and at the *LAST* minute, I decided what I picked to wear to the wedding wasn't going to work. So I literally spent the entire day before the wedding at like 100 stores trying on 100 things and then ended up wearing a cute dress I forgot I had. But this was one of the many failed dresses.

These are at the wedding ^^^ Dunno why I am so obsessed with B drinking from a straw. I just think it's so cute. And the bottom pic is B with her cutie cousin, Alivia

Brighton + Brink at baby gym!

Picture of B in the dress she wore for the wedding because she looks so beautiful and I had to make sure I got a picture of her in it.

Lastly, Brighton a the splash pad. That girl gives me life! She LOVES the splash pad with her whole heart and screams and laughs every second of being there.

That sums of this iphone diary for the week! My goal is to get a phone with like 2 terabytes of storage and not fill it up in a day :) #GOALS



  1. Check out the Google photos app! You can set it to upload the photos from your phone whenever you're on wifi so you can delete the photos on your phone for more space! It's really great and free up to a certain amount of space. Then you can transfer to your computer.

  2. I'm obsessed with your pigtail buns and bathing suit! Also, I think we did the same Old Navy baby haul because I counted four outfits Leighton has too. When you find this phone with unlimited storage- send me one too!

  3. I am loving all of the fruit this summer, we finally moved to an area where farmers markets are everywhere. I'm in heaven!

  4. You literally have the cutest hair styles, always! haha. Looking forward to more of the iphone diaries! (:


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