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A little secret

Hey!! You guys, Brighton is almost a year old!! Everyone was right when they said time flies when you have kids. I feel like yesterday she could barely move her head up and down and today she is climbing the stairs and dumping the clean laundry all over the ground. As much as I love her little self, I am still so excited for her future and to see her grow and learn as the years continue to pass. Today I want to bring out my crunchy side a little bit.

You guys don't know this but... I am a pretty natural mama. Not to the extreme by any means, but I do as much as I can like making my own baby wipes, I used an Amber teething necklace, and I breastfeed. My birth did not go to plan like AT all. I had planned a completely unmedicated birth, wrote up a birth plan, and did a ton of research on how to achieve my goal. My plans came crashing down when my doctor pushed induction. I declined as long as I could but eventually gave into his not subtle pushes and was induced 10 days overdue. After 31 hours in labor, I was again pushed by my doctor into having a c section. I was dilating VERY slowly (I do blame the induction, honestly) and my doctor decided he knew what was best for me as he strongly encouraged and pushed an unnecessary c section. Here is my birth story if you want all the details!

Anyways, one big thing from my birth plan was to breastfeed. I had heard so many stories of people having a hard time breastfeeding and was scared but determined to push through it. It was the last thing I knew I could control on my birth plan and I was going to try my hardest to breastfeed my baby. The second I was able to hold my baby girl (and being a little hopped up on c section medicine…) I was adamant to breastfeed, asking the nurses if I could try yet as they were sewing up the incision haha. I had just read how important it is to try as soon as the baby was born so I did not want to waste any time. Once I got the green light, she latched. It was the most perfect end to an unexpected labor and the perfect beginning to our breast feeding journey.

I feel like it’s important to say that it wasn’t a hard journey, it didn’t ever really hurt, and we are still going strong at almost a year later. I was just shocked because I had only heard terrible and scary breast feeding stories and feel it is important to let you know that sometimes it can be hard and sometimes it won’t be hard. I also know that sometimes, breast feeding doesn’t work out and guess what? THAT IS TOTALLY OK, TOO!! I was a formula fed baby and I survived to tell the tale, Jason still married me, I was fed and nourished as best as my mom could do so and that is ALL that matters! We are all trying to do what is best for our babies and I think that should be celebrated!

I was really excited that I got the opportunity to work with Evivo! Evivo is a probiotic that you give to your baby once a day. Evivo probiotic powder is clinically proven to restore babies’ gut microbiome to its original, natural state. You mix the powder into breastmilk or formula and feed your baby with a little syringe. I have been searching for a good probiotic to give to Brighton because her health is my #1 priority! When a baby passes through the birth canal, microbiomes are passed to the baby. When I had to have a c section, I felt like I had failed her by her missing out on these VERY important things. I want her to grow up with a strong and healthy immune system and gut so she can stay healthy and fight off sicknesses that she will have. You can learn more about Evivo here and get $10 off a starter kit using the code- ev7-e98e7c37



  1. I cannot believe that our daughters are almost 1! I really feel like they were just born.


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