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Random little rants

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Hi! Guys it's almost FRIDAY which means I will be hanging out with 3 kids all weekend. So in case you didn't remember, I used to nanny for a family and I don't see them too much anymore but every now and then, I watch them for a weekend while their parents go out of town. It's always fun having them especially as Brighton gets older. She LOVES kids and kids love her so it works out pretty well! We'll probably spend a lot of time swimming and eating watermelon this weekend (they go hand in hand, guys!) I've found myself outside a LOT this summer with Brighton!  The splash pad (and chick fil-a...) is basically my second home and luckily Brighton loves swimming so we spend a lot of time in the pool, too! 

So let's talk about jane.com for a sec. I've blogged about Jane.com a couple of times in the past! A little refresher is they are a daily deal site. Aka cute clothes (and home decor, and baby stuff, and like anything you need) for great deals! I got this dress from there and I loveeeeee it!! I wanna say it was like 30% off of the normal price because it was listed on jane.com. It's really thin so it is perfect for this scalding hot summer. Like for real, it has been well past the 100's here in Arizona since like May you guys!  I actually run deals for my shop- Framed, on jane.com pretty often so look out for me on there :) 

Anyways, I know this post is so random and I am jumping around topics but I haven't blogged in nearly a month so I have an excuse!! My brother and sis in law moved to Tucson a few weeks ago so I am driving down tomorrow to hang out with them for a day :) Also, quick PSA, Taylor freaking Swift is on spotify now so obviously playing that the entire drive so Brighton loves her as much as I do. I drove down when they first moved in and I will probably drive down at least once a month from here on out! I love seeing them and hanging out with them and my little nieces and nephew. They are the family who lived in Iowa so now that they are finally in the same state as me, my life is basically complete! This week and weekend are pretty crazy but I love staying busy and getting to spend time with so many people that I love! I want Brighton to always be around people who love her and who she loves so it is a win win for both of us. Happy Thursday my friends.



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