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Brighton Reese! My bitty baby girl is a 1 year old! This year has honestly been the best year of my entire life. Motherhood has surpassed every expectation I ever could have dreamed up, Brighton just spoils us with her genuine goodness. She is a blessing in human form and I can never express how much gratitude that I have to my creator for making her ours. She just makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!! I have never loved anything or anyone like I love her, it's such a new and intense love that I never knew existed inside of me.

She is officially 1!! Obviously I think she is a genius and she impresses me everyday with the new things she learns and picks up. I've been working on baby sign language with her to help us communicate better together and she is picking it up so well, it makes me so proud to see her learn and to see her so proud of herself for learning haha. Here are some fun things about her first year:

Bath, splash pad, water, mom, dad, other kids, holding my hands to walk, obsessed with baby songs on youtube, black beans, veggies, sweet potatoes, rolling/crawling/moving in general, music

Facial expressions, coughs, laughs

So if I hold her hands to walk, she hates when I put her down because she wants to walk forever! Hasn't shown interest in walking solo yet but it's a work in progress. Literal baby steps haaaaaa. Also hates purees, sitting still, diaper changes (because it requires sitting still)

Hi, bye, more, no, and all done

Mama, Dada, baby jabber, tries to copy certain things if I say "say ____"

Her first year was full of so much fun, so many new adventures, and a lot of learning on both of our ends. I thought I would be more sad that she is a year old. I thought I was supposed to lock myself in my room with ice cream and look at all her newborn pictures and sob but I didn't. I obviously want her to stay small and to stay little, but watching her grow and learn new things is something I love even more! I know I can't keep her little and I know she won't always need me for every little thing. I just try to soak up every single minute with her and savor these times as much as possible. I love that I get to carry her everywhere because she can't walk, I love teaching her new things, I love watching her eyes light up whenever she sees something she hasn't seen before, I love getting to nurse her and feel so needed. I love every little thing about her! Jason and I love you, baby girl!!!



  1. Awww Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!

  2. She is so freaking cute, happy birthday little one!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I cannot believe that she's one already! My goodness. & that watermelon dress - adorable! :)

  4. These pictures are adorable! Happy birthday!


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