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I should probably just name this post 'ruffles'

Hey guyssss!! Not even going to pretend that I need to blog more bc it's just fact. I have been so bad at blogging and I have like 600 drafted unfinished posts that I keep wanting to get up! Anyways, this post is all about a store called Evereve. I was STOKED to partner with them because my job was literally to go shopping. Like, sign me up!! Shopping these days revolves around Brighton because 1. I have no self control when it comes to buying her clothes and 2. She has needed new clothes basically every 3 months since she was born since she grows sooooo quickly! It was fun to awaken the shopping monster inside of me and indulge in my favorite sport ;)

Evereve is a store all about moms so I clearly qualified as that. I walked up to the store and realized I had been there before! I had stopped by a few months ago when my brother in law got married and I was looking for a dress. The employees were SO nice and we literally all became best friends by the time I left. This visit was no different and I was so happy to see one of the employees who had been there during my first visit. I remembered her because she was english and Brighton is a place in England so we bonded.  

clearly obsessed with ruffle sleeves haha

A play area for kids to be entertained while you shop!

So here are the things I loved about Evereve:
1- It's a store designed for MOMS so the isles are big enough for strollers. That's always an issue in other stores and I literally look like a clown trying to maneuver my way through clothing racks as Brighton grabs shirts and pants off of the racks.

2- They have a cute little kid playing area so your kids can be entertained while you shop! Brighton wasn't feeling good so I left her at home when I went but I know she would have loved the little play area. She is in a huge exploring phase right now and loves playing with different toys and pressing buttons to see what happens. They also had a gold fish snack area (which was for the kids but... I love gold fish so...) and diapers/ wipes in the bathrooms. Aka perfection.

3- The employees are so nice! They all helped me pick out things and gave me opinions on what I tried on. It was nice because I need at least 100 opinions to make sure something looks cute before I buy it. They're build in shopping buddies haha They brought me a few things they thought were cute and I ended up buying a lot of the stuff they suggested. It was really nice to have some help and opinions at the ready. 

Basically, I spent like 2 hours there just hanging out with new friends and trying on tons of cute clothes! The hardest part was honestly narrowing down what I wanted to buy. SPOILER- everything I got has ruffle sleeves. I didn't even know I was a ruffle loving type of person until I bought 5 things with ruffles. See photos of me in dressing room above if you need a refresher haha. 

Evereve is doing a contest right now to win $500 to their store and you can enter here! Obviously I entered because I need to continue to feed my ruffle obsession, it's fine.


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