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Brighton and a pumpkin patch

This is one of her newer faces "surprise!!!"

This year the pumpkin patch was a lot more exciting for Brighton! Last year when we took her she was only about 2.5 months so she probably had no clue what was going on. This year, she loved the patch! We went to a farm in Gilbert called "Mother Nature's Farm" and apparently it was the hot spot this year for people who go to pumpkin patches. I had literally never even heard of it and then this year I went to it like 3 times in the span of a week. I saw people post about it at least 2 million times. Like I don't get what the deal was this year but I totally get the hype. It was super adorable!!

 It was so cute and fulfilled all my basic white girl fall goals. We went with our friends Ashlie, Cater, and their baby boy Colt. Ashlie and I were basically there for the pictures haha. As you can see, I did not hold back in that department. Especially when it came to pictures of Brighton with pumpkins. "omg put her next to this pumpkin!" *snap* "K this one now!!" *snap snap* "Alright, make her laugh!!" *snap snap snap snap snap* etc etc.

The pictures above were from the "free" part of the farm and the ones below is from the part where you have to pay to go in. Did I pay 100% to see that pumpkin forrest thing? YES.


People shouldn't only say "Holidays are more fun when you have kids!" they should say "EVERYTHING is more fun when you have kids!" minus going to the bathroom. That isn't as fun because you lost all privacy rights. ANYWAYS the top pic was taken with self timer. God bless self timer hahah I found a random table, set self timer, and got this one after a few tries. The first try or 2, some girl stood right in front of the camera yelling to her mother who was across the patch that she had found the PERFECT PUMPKIN!!!!!!! I debated getting her email so I could send her the pic where she found the perfect pumpkin (obviously a moment to treasure forever) but I decided against that. Spoiler alert: all the pumpkins were basically the exact same.

Brighton got to pick her own little pumpkin from this patch and it out lived the one Jason and I carved by like 3 weeks. Our pumpkin molded into a disgusting mess within 3 days. Brighton knows how to pick em, hers lasted forever! Her picking a pumpkin was pretty much me handing her a pumpkin and saying "should we pick this one?!!?" so basically please give all credit to me ;) ;) ;)

anyways, it's midnight and B's new wake time is 7am for some strange reason. Praying she is just teething and decides to go back to her normal wake time of 8am (PLEASE)



  1. Gosh! She is just so darn cute!

  2. Your Family is so adorable! That pumpkin patch in the woods is incredible!


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