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a VERY late Christmas + NYE post


Ok I know this post is inching its way into March but I STILL want to remember Brighton's second Christmas :) The presents had been wrapped for nearly all of December and after the first few days of touching them and me telling her not to, she got over them. On Christmas, I think she was confused why we were opening them but she liked all of her new toys! I wanted to get her cute wooden toys because #millennial but also because I've read a little about monsouri and how apparently wood toys are good for growth and development!

The thing I was MOST excited about was making her kitchen! I had found a goldmine of ideas on pinterest to redo the ikea kid's kitchen so I couldn't wait to make Brighton's! Jason tried to surprise me by getting it all put together and painted but I seem to have a 6th sense where whenever he is trying to surprise me with something sweet I always seem to walk in and see what he's doing. He helped a ton and I am SO happy with how it turned out! It's taken her a little bit of time to start really understanding it and wanting to play with it but I think it will be so fun for her to have as she grows up and likes to play pretend more.

My dad and 2/3 of my brothers came over Christmas day and we did more present opening and just hung out for a while. Later that afternoon, we went to Jason's parents house to see all of his family and that involved more present opening and FOOD. aka the best part of the holidays. Jason's parents got me a kitchen aid that I have LOVED so much!! I find reasons to blend things in it because I'm basically a child and that stuff is so fun for me haha. Jason got me TAYLOR SWIFT tickets (!!!!!!!) and a necklace I've been wanting. I can't WAIT to go to the concert together in a few months! I think Jason secretly loves Taylor as much as I do ;)

New years eve was really chill but still so fun! We went and saw family, ate food, the works! I tried to get a cute confetti picture and this is the best I could do haha forever grateful that Jason will take pictures with me even though it may be his least favorite thing to do. He'll be grateful when we're old and wrinkly and we can look back at our life together, right?!

NYE night, my twin brother came over and one of Jason's friends came over and we just played ticket to ride until midnight and then set off some fireworks! Our neighbor came outside right we we were almost done and got mad that we were doing fireworks, like sorry for setting them off on New year...?

It was fine though and since I barely make it to midnight these days, I was happy to go to bed and get some sleep! Jason does a bow hunt every New Years day that he looks forward to all year so he woke up super early to leave and get us a pig. A javelina... not my favorite animal to eat but Jason is basically Katnis and got one!

So far this year has been really good! I always love making goals and new beginnings and I am so excited to see what else happens in 2018!


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