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19.5 weeks with baby #2 and a life update!

Giving the baby kisses <3 

A few surprises around here!

1. We bought a house and moved in the end of June, it has been so great to have a place with so much space for Brighton to run around and to be able to paint and decorate exactly how WE want! The mortgage isn't super fun, but that's adulting, right??! Brighton LOVES having a backyard and I LOVE making this place ours!

2. I AM PREGNANT!! Baby #2 is a confirmed girl and I couldn't be more stoked! More on that below

3. We moved Brighton to a big girl bed!!! We went to Mexico a few weeks ago and she stayed at Grandma and papas. She only wanted to sleep in a bed so we didn't want to ruin a good thing and decided to move her on over right away! She is so little in her queen bed but she loves it so so much! She turned 2 in August (can you believe it??) and is talking SO MUCH! She is our absolute light and I don't think I'll ever be able to express to her how much I love her and how grateful I am that she is ours forever! Lately she LOVES having her fingers and toes painted pink (her pick, can't blame her!) She copies everything we say and do. She always says "oh shoot!" and "oh man!" because apparently Jason and I say those phrases a lot hahaha. I was just glad I said shoot instead of, well, you know.

Pregnancy update!
I am currently 19.5 weeks (20 weeks this Thursday) so I am HALF WAY THROUGH! So far this pregnancy has flown by pretty quick. I think it's mostly because I am distracted with chasing around my little ray of sunshine (and ENERGY BALL) all day long. I'm grateful for her distractions, though! I was sick a lot up until a few weeks ago, but not AS sick as I was with Brighton. Most days I have to kind of just suck it up because I feel so guilty sitting at home and not taking Brighton out to do fun things. I'm also not a homebody at all so being at home too long drives me crazy, too!

We have a few annual passes to a few fun kid places which is nice because 1. it's indoors and AZ is literally hot as hell. and 2. She can run around and I just follow her.  Luckily I have been feeling a lot better so we have been going out a lot more and more. I feel kind of bad, this pregnancy I haven't really done much updating at all! I feel like with Brighton, my business, and Jason/ family time, I ran of of room for anything else! I want to at least do a few updates when I remember to snap a few pictures and sit down to write.

We used Sneak Peak test to do an early blood test around 12 weeks to find out the gender so we have known for a few months! Since it is only 99.9% accurate (hahaha ONLY) we were going to wait until the anatomy scan (aka today) to tell friends and family the gender. Wellllll I can't keep a secret, especially when I am excited about something, and I told a lot of my close friends before we announced. We ended up announcing a few weeks ago to family and it was so funny to see the reactions! Jason and I and most of our family were CONVINCED she would be a HE. I think my  mothers intuition broke or something for a minute hahah.  Obviously I am SO excited to give Brighton a sister and I guess since it's a girl I can admit that I totally wanted another girl reallllly bad. Jason is excited but also REALLY wants a boy, 3rd time's the charm, right ;) If I can convince Jason to have one more baby after this, we MAY get a boy but I also wouldn't mind a house full of cute girls! It would be my dream come true!

Lately I am just super sleepy and hungry but that's better than the nausea I had earlier so I'll take it! We can't agree on a name (surprised?? haha) but we also named Brighton like a week before she was born so I guess it is just a trend! We always agree on boy names but we have different tastes on girl names. So for now she is baby girl! I really want to have a VBAC this time around so I've been trying to prepare my body for that as well! Most people say I am crazy, but I still want to go all natural if possible, wish me luck!!

Overall we are doing so great and enjoying settling into our house and prepping for our new baby. I can't believe we will have 2 kids this January or February but I'm excited for the craziness and MATCHING OUTFITS OBVIOUSLY!



  1. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing! Sounds creepy, but I missed reading from you :) Congrats on Baby two and the house! Mortgages are no fun, but having your own place is bomb! We just bought our first place this summer as well :D Welcome back!

  2. So many exciting things are happening for you guys! :)


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