I'm Candace and that's Jason, my husband.
Brighton is our sweet little babe and the best thing to ever happen to us. Like ever.
We got married August 7th, 2014, of course I posted all of our wedding photos right here
He likes playing sports. A lot.  I like making things. A lot.
I'm 26 & we live in the good ol state of Arizona where it is always nice & burning hot
I have a degree in graphic design so naturally I get way too excited over pretty fonts.
I spend my days making wood signs for people like you, check them out!
I tend to rant and get real personal so if you're into that sort of thing, you'll love it here!

Any questions or looking to collaborate? Contact me over here!

wood signs page: click
pinterest: click
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Email: lovelylittlerants@gmail.com

ps thanks for stopping by! you're the best.

1. What hair extensions do you wear?
I currently wear  Laced Hair extensions color 18/22.  Sometimes I wear a halo because it's so easy! The tutorial to make your own halo is here :) My sister in law sews them in with the natural beaded row technique. Her salon is in Gilbert so if you need a stylist, I'll give you her info!

2. What camera and lens do you use?
I have a cannon rebel t5i and I mostly use a  Tamron 24-70mm.

3. Who takes your pictures?
My husband takes them for me unless otherwise stated.

4. Do you have any tips on growing your blog?
I wrote a post on it here! Lots of good tips that have helped me grow my blog.

5. What tanning lotion do you use?
My absolute favorite ever is Fake Bake . Looks just like a natural tan and just as good as a spray tan!
I like using Faux Tan for everyday use. I wrote this post on how to apply it and the best way to get a streak free tan! (yay!)

6. How did you and Jason meet?
You can read our whole suspense filled love story here 

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  1. Just checked your site out. You are adorable!

  2. What a a beautiful couple!!!Just the cutest! Happy to find you too!! xoxo

  3. You have the best about page! I really need to work on mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pictures look really professional too. I take my own, so sometimes things get a little crazy and take a little longer than I would like, but I love it.

    1. K you are soooo sweet, thank you!! I think yours is super cute and I love all of your cute outfits *heart eye emoji* haha My husband is so sweet to take my pictures for me, I'll tell him he got a compliment :) thank you so much!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kelly!! Once I have the bugs fixed I will be a happy blogger :) haha

  5. I love your site, obsess over dry shampoo and swoon when I see a good font. Excited to read more from you! :)

    1. Thank you, Cami!! haha you found yourself in the right place :) Thank you sooo much for reading my blog!!

  6. Yay! So glad I found your blog! PS I could tell you were "good" when I saw your fonts :) lol. I am a non-college degree graphic designer (therefore I guess I can't technically call myself that...) lol. But I work at my church as our media director/graphic designer :) So we at least have some interests in common! By the way, found your blog from over at Helene's page :) Excited to be following along!

    1. Yay!! haha graphic designers/ font snobs unite!! K and how cool is that job?! I bet you love it and create some amazing things!! Excited to be following you now, too! Thanks for the note!!


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